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Do people still send postcards these days…?

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Surf Avenue

Dear Craig, Thanks for all the postcards! Looks like you have had an adventurous summer so far. Things are getting very hot here. Will be coming home in Sept. praying … Continue reading

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A Happy Christmas

The Christmas card as we know it today started life in 1843 when English inventor Sir Henry Cole commissioned a set of 2000+ cards which were sold for a shilling … Continue reading

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First Class “Dotty” Certificate

Those who think you’re dotty or a little up the pole, to know you well, can not have the felicity; For if they knew you more I’m confidently sure, They’d … Continue reading

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Oscar Asche

Oscar Asche (1871-1936) Recently I watched the Twickenham Films version of Scrooge, from 1935, and by happy coincidence, the day before I had made a bid on this postcard on Ebay. … Continue reading

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