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Do people still send postcards these days…?

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150 years of Poste Italiane

150 Poste Italiane Foto Archivo Storico Poste Italiane Received 27th April 2015, from Silvano in Italy, via Postcrossing A piece of postal history here with this postcard I received today … Continue reading

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XXV Mostra di Arte Presepiale

XXV Mostra di Arte Presepiale Laura Pulcino | Arioa di festa | Photograph by Lucio Merone | Published by Associazione Italiana Amici del Presepio Sezione di Napoli Postmarked Firenze 8th … Continue reading

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TRONA  é piccolo, é grande, é divertente, é in arrivo… | Vuoi scoprirlo per primo? Visita Published by Promocard Postmarked Milano Borromeo CMP 22nd October 2014, from Fabrizio in Italy, via Postcrossing

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Sardegna: Chia

Sardegna: Chia – Spiaggia Sa Colonia Published by R. Balzano Edizioni Postmarked Cagliari CMP 1st October 2014, from Michael, on holiday in Sardinia, relaxing and admiring men on a beach … Continue reading

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