Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

Halle an der Saale (2020)

13.Okt 2020 7℃ [cloud/sun]
Hello Craig,
many greetings from Halle/Saale. This card shows our Marketplace with the statue of Georg Friedrich Handel in foreground. The famous composer was born in 1685 here. He looks in direction to London where he died in 1759. I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.

Schöne Grüße aus Halle

Foto: Hans Peter Szyszka
Published by Schöning Verlag

Postmark: Deutsche Post IM 19.05.20 €0,95
“Vielen Dank Allen Heldinnen & Helden”

Received 17 October 2020

Andreas writes from Halle in Germany, via Postcrossing, with this view of the city’s marketplace and statue of their most famous son, Handel. Not mentioned, but also pictured, is the medieval Market Church of St Mary with its four spires, and in the foreground the ‘red tower’ of the older church. These five steeples mark the city’s skyline and were joined by the statue of Handel in 1859. It is by sculptor Herman Heidel.

Published by Schöning the card has a subtle addition on the front nodding to the Facebook and Instagram generation – note the tick symbol – “Like it!” in the bottom right corner. The scene is a sunny day with the folk of Halle going about their business, unmasked. In front of the statue you can see street performers in their fine regalia. I expect the scene is a little different at the moment in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic… there is an oblique reference to the current world situation in Deutsche Post’s postmark bearing the heart-shaped embrace motif and the message, “Thank you everyone – Heroines and Heroes”.

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