Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

Morning Alms at Luang Prabang



Craig! So big news, IN January decided to take 4 month sabbatical from the NT. Been teaching English in Cambodia, went to Myanmar & handed in my notice (I’ve left the NT – feels great). Currently in Lao – such fun. A.

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Morning Alms at Luang Prabang, LAO P. D. R. / Photography: Song Phonepseuth / Published by TDN, Vientiane [LC 541]

Postmark: 18 June 2017
Stamps: 1000 Kip from the Life in the Countryside series (2010) and 7000 Kip celebrating the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games held in the capital, Vientiane

 – – – – – – – – – –

One I received this summer from the ever-wandering Andrew who here finds himself in Laos on another adventure. Andrew worked with me at the National Theatre in London for 14 years but here shares the amazing news that he has finally left… and he seems thrilled. Why not? – a four month stint teaching English followed by a trip around SouthEast Asia is exactly what I’d expect of him. I’ve lost touch with most of my old colleagues as I battened down the hatches physically and mentally trying to adjust to a new life away from it all, but I am hopeful that postcards from Andrew will continue to rain down on me from far-flung exotic locales. He has an outward looking take on the world which I can only admire from my introspective cocoon.

This is the first postcard I have ever received from Laos.

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