Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction (Pt 2)

postcard.1 1postcard.2

Hi Craig – Hope all goes well up North. check out this story – guy paints Sistine Chapel ceiling in Goring! x Ann W

The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction | English Martyrs Catholic Church – Goring – West Sussex | David and Goliath | This is one of the corner pendentives at the eastern end of the Ceiling and shows David about to slay Goliath having felled him with a shot from his sling.

Artist: Gary Bevans | Photograph by Ewart Gameson – Ref: 40/SC/s/64 | Printed by Graham (Printers) Ltd.

Postmark: 27 July 2016
Stamp: UK 1st Class Large Letter self adhesive definitive (2016). Queen Elizabeth II design by Arnold Machin

You know that thing where you wait all your life for a postcard of the reproduction ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Goring…. then two come along in the same year (almost)? Last July I received this postcard from my pal Celia who had visited this astonishing and surprising place in the summer of 2015. Fast forward a year and Ann sends the second card – a nice addition  to my new collection and one day I hope to lay them all out on the floor and have my own complete Sistine Chapel ceiling… in postcards. Even more oddly, I know both Ann and Celia from the same place, the Tower Theatre in London. Either an amazing coincidence or Celia has been passing her spare postcards around!

Either way, I love this. A metaphor for the underdog and a piece of typical English eccentricity.

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