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Do people still send postcards these days…?

Montréal: Olympic Stadium and Biodome


Hi Craig!
Came to Ottawa for a work trip and fitted in a few days’ holiday. Was 0°c last week when I arrived and today 20°c – I didn’t pack shorts! Today I’ve been to the Olympic Park and up the tower* by the stadium. Wandered around the Botanic Gardens (no doubt getting sunburned) and now sitting in the Old Town. Been able to tick off lots of interesting new bird species 🙂
Tom x

*officially the most leaningest tower in the world!

– – – – – – – – –

Montréal: Le stade Olympique et le Biodôme – Olympic Stadium and Biodôme / Photo: Michel Degray / Published by Juste Pour Voir

Postmark: 19 April 2016
Stamp: Canada $2.50 “Wapiti” from the Baby Wildlife definitive series. Designed by Monique Dufour and Sophie LaFortune, with photography by Jonathan M. Johnson (2014)

 – – – – – – – – – –

In this Olympic year a reminder of past glories with this postcard of the stadium built in Montréal for the 1976 games – the largest in the country. Tom was in the city for work – oh to have a job that sends you off to Canada! He’s the most prolific postcard correspondent and you’ll find many of his missives on this blog. We share geekiness for facts and quizzes and I always learn something new on a TW postcard – in this case, that the tower here is the most leaningest in the world. Eat your heart out Pisa. Glad to read that Tom’s bird-spotting skills came in handy, although his ability to predict the weather needs work.

The picture reminds me of the ‘legacy’ left behind in Olympic host cities, not always welcome – this stadium got the nickname ‘The Big Owe’ due to the astronomical expenses involved in building it. I’m ashamed to say that I was in London for the games in 2012 and I visited the Olympic park only once. It always felt like a different city to me and as a Londoner I didn’t feel it was a part of my London.  

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