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Do people still send postcards these days…?

The Geyser Strokkur



Hey Craig, letting of a bit of steam in Iceland. Visiting waterfalls, Geysers, the tectonic plates, friendly people and great marathon.
See you soon. Andrew


Strokkur við Geysi í Haukadal | The Geyser Strokkur
Súlupóstkort | (c) Útgefandi/publisher: Photo Company | Ljósm./photo: (c) Vilhelm Gunnarsen | no:2317

Postmarked Reykjavik, 24th August 2015 from Andrew visiting Iceland


This is my first post in almost six months as my life has changed beyond expectation and more suddenly than I’d anticipated, leaving me a little lost, but not quite high and dry (but close!) The major decision I took in August was to quit my job of 14 years at the National Theatre in London and relocate to rural Cumbria. There wasn’t really a plan and I’ve been lucky to have wonderful wonderful friends who put me up (and put up with me) until I got back on my feet. I’ve chosen to blog this postcard because it resonates on several planes with how I’m feeling and where I’d like to be heading.

This was the first postcard I received after handing in my notice and it comes from Andrew, a colleague and friend who I’ve known since I started at the NT 14 years ago. I’ve always regretted not spending more time with Andrew outside of work, but maybe there’s time to make up for that, despite the new distance. There are two contradictions about Andrew that have always impressed me – he is settled, and he’s also an adventurer. I’ve never been good at being thankful for what I’ve got and spend my time living vicariously through others, gazing in from the outside wishing I was as interesting as they are. Andrew more than most; he manages to breeze through all cool-and-collected like whilst maintaining this drive to explore – I think he’s in South Korea as I write this. I’m jealous of that wanderlust, almost guilty that I waste my time in idleness. Whenever I need a boost I just have to say to myself, “What would Fazza do?”… and I feel like I will be channelling that motto in the months to come.

He’s a bit of enigma, but one thing I don’t think I’ll ever work out about Andrew is his handwriting… what is that last word?!

[Edited: the final word is ‘marathon’ – Andrew is a marathon addict and most of his trips are timed to coincide with one so it should’ve been obvious to me.]

2 comments on “The Geyser Strokkur

  1. fromsomewherewithlovex
    January 31, 2016

    mountains? markets? maritime? marshland? Enjoy Cumbria – one of my favourite places 🙂

  2. Craig
    February 11, 2016

    I’ve had word from Andrew…. it’s ‘marathon’, which I should have worked out as he’s a marathon addict and most troops are timed to coincide with one!

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