Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

West Cork

scan0009 imageedit_5_3848977744Dear Craig – your wish is my command so voilà, a postcard from my home turf where we paint our homes brightly to counter the greyness of the weather. But today it’s sunny! Hope you’re well & happy. Pádraig

 – – – – – – – – –

The colorful village of Eyeries, Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland

Published by Real Ireland Design / Photography reproduced from an original artwork by Liam Blake

Postmarked 13th August 2015, from Pádraig in Ireland

 – – – – – – – – – –

After 14 years almost to the day I joined, I left my job at the National Theatre last week. It was my decision to go and felt the time was right, but it was rather more sudden than I’d expected. Whilst I had a generally happy time there I can’t honestly say that I am missing the place since I left, which makes me think it was the correct decision. I have, however, missed some of the people already, and this postcard is from one of them.

Upon leaving I sent out the expected ‘goodbye’ email to all (‘all’ in this case being upwards of 800 members of staff) and I included my address for anyone who’d like to keep in touch, especially by postcard; Pádraig is the first to do so – hence the phrase, “Your wish is my command” in his opening line. Pádraig is a theatre producer of some standing and a member of that Irish acting dynasty, the Cusacks, (although, as far as I know he has so far remained backstage, not on it). He is a gentleman of the highest order and although we didn’t work closely together he was one of the few who I’d look forward to seeing when he popped in to arrange his orders. He has been responsible for some of the most interesting imports the theatre has staged in recent years, especially from the Galway Arts Festival, including Cillian Murphy‘s appearances in Misterman and Ballyturk (both by Enda Walsh). His passion and dedication to theatre, in particular to the drama of his homeland, is infectious and I’ll miss it. He was also dapper and usually looking smart in his waistcoat and so bloody happy all the time!

The postcard itself is from his ‘home turf’ in Cork, a multiview of scenes from Eyeries. I have reciprocated with one from my own which I sent from Carlisle earlier this week. It bears a stamp from the Irish Animals and Marine Life series featuring a Violet Snail (Janthina Janthina / Gnamhán Corcra); these are non-denominational stamps which have blank space on the right for the cost of the postage to be overprinted. The design is by Zinc in Dublin.

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