Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

Surf Avenue

scan0011imageedit_5_3036400001 Dear Craig, Thanks for all the postcards! Looks like you have had an adventurous summer so far. Things are getting very hot here. Will be coming home in Sept. praying I get my new Visa; not ready to let go of NYC just yet. Yours Kyle xxx

 – – – – – – – – – –

Surf Avenue, Circa 1920 | The attractions on Surf Avenue at West 10th Street included the L.A. Thompson Scenic Railway, Kister’s Carousel, Luna Park, and Feltmans Restaurant.

Published by the Coney Island History Project / Charles Denson Archive 2014 / Brooklyn Beach Shop

Postmarked August 2015, from Kyle in New York

 – – – – – – – –

I’ve been getting more cards than ever recently which I’m trying to get onto the blog, along with the usual new finds and old favourites. I do sometimes take my time when getting round to it, something Kyle may understand… he wrote this postcard on 11th July but posted it over a month later and I got it last week. I don’t mind, a postcard from Kyle is a light in my dark letterbox.

We met a few years ago whilst working together and have spent many a good time in a London discotheque or, more likely, at a gig or two. I was having a great time until he did that thing that all good friends do: he fucked off to live in New York. Who can blame him?! At his age (he’s young) I wouldn’t have passed up on that chance either, and timing was probably just right before I fell for him (… too late). It also means I can visit, which I have managed to do only once so far, for a week last October, but what a week it was – one of my best ever, to be honest. It’s no wonder he says he isn’t quite ready to let go of the city yet.

This is a fantastic reproduction of an earlier postcard showing a thriving Surf Avenue at Coney Island. I’ve only visited Coney once, in 2005, and it was well past it’s best. I rather enjoyed the faded grandeur of the place but can see that it doesn’t have much to offer to the holidaymakers of today. This is a really evocative image of a time and place now lost.

There are two other things about this postcard that really stand out for me. Two things that I find almost inexcusable…. the first is that Kyle has succumbed to the American way of writing the date rather too easily for my liking… this 7/11/15 nonsense just doesn’t cut it with me I’m afraid. The second…. he still can’t spell my name correctly. But, I should be grateful that he writes at all.

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