Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

Cosmetic Warlords

scan0001 scan0002

Cosmetic Warlords

By Adrian Boswell |

Postmarked 16th June 2015, from Colin on tour across the UK

– – – – – – – – – –

A recent favourite here from Colin, an actor-dancer-singer (I think that’s called a triple-threat!) who is currently somewhere in the UK with The Sound of Music tour, in which he plays (amongst other things) one of the nuns! I kid you not; he’s very versatile. I’d managed to time a postcard to him at one of the venues featuring an image of Derek Jarman and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence which is what he’s on about when he says “I‘m not quite sure what you think we nuns get up to but it’s not nearly as unsavoury as what those sisters are up to!

Because of Colin’s artistic flair it turns out both sides of this postcard are works of art. I’m sure a graphologist could tell me a thing or two based on this. I love it, flourishes, embellishments and all. The artist is Adrian Boswell who Colin has noted he met at Spitalfields Market and it’s a fascinating, disorientating collage work, making a rare and unusual addition to the postcard collection.

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