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The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction

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The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction | English Martyrs Catholic Church – Goring – West Sussex

‘The Creation of Adam’ has the place of honour at the centre of the vault. Michelangelo’s version of the central theme of the Book of Genesis is one of the most dynamic expressions of Western Art. The deservedly famous work concentrates the tension and flux of cosmic creation in the vibrant touch of the finger of God.

Artist: Gary Bevans / Photography by David Sawyer

Received June 2015, from Celia

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A world famous image that’s appeared on thousands of postcards over the decades, Michelangelo’s painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is here shown not in the Vatican City but in the rather less expected surroundings of Goring in West Sussex. A local parishioner and signwriter, Gary Bevans, started this astonishing reproduction in 1987 and took five years to complete it. It is the only known reproduction of the 16th century original. As Celia writes, it is “astonishing”. I had no idea this existed so am grateful, as ever, to receive another postcard that opens up a new bit of fascination. You can read the full story of the painting on their official website.

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