Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?



It has been a good week for literary deltiological finds: after picking up the new Go Set A Watchman ad postcards earlier in the week I came across this set of postcards in a promo rack in Soho. It’s great to see that the medium is still part of the marketing arsenal and these four postcards make a memorable impact. They have been produced to promote the new West End transfer of Headlong Theatre‘s hugely successful stage adaptation of George Orwell‘s source novel.


Each postcard bears a single statement – “WAR IS PEACE”, “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” and “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY” – emblazoned upon the face of an unidentified man. The imposing statements completely obliterate his identity and headspace. The fourth of the set follows the same design with the play’s title in bold red lettering with the credits beneath, for Orwell and the adapters, Robert Icke and Duncan MacMillan. These postcards together form a single statement of intent and resonate the play’s themes of control, totalitarianism and manipulation. It’s a superb campaign with a very simple design and message.


The reverse has a perfect amount of space for sending your thoughts or greetings and includes the essential information about the venue and the various ways to connect via social media, with the Twitter handle and official hashtag and the website address. Blank spaces, delineated, appear for the stamp and address positions. No publisher’s details are given, although the campaign is spearheaded by AKA.

If you’re in the West End look out for these, they’re a great example of powerful advertising and economic design. The play is running at the Playhouse Theatre until 5th September.

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