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Do people still send postcards these days…?

Museu de Arte de Belém

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Museu de Arte de Belém     Antigo Palácio Antonio Lemos foi sede da Prefeitura Municipal, depois de todo restaurado, passou a funcionar como Museu de Arte Belém

Foto: Luiz Castello / Distribuição exclusiva: Joaquim Alves Barreto / POSTAIS DO BRASIL / Produzido por PORTO CARD Gráfica e Fotolito

Postmarked 25 April 2015, from Francisco in Brazil, via Postcrossing

– – – – – – – – – –

It took a while to get to me but this landed on my doormat yesterday all the way from Brazil, only my second postcard from that country. What I love about Postcrossing (and postcards in general) is that, sometimes, I’ll learn about something or someone I never knew before they slipped through my letterbox. In this case it’s Antonio Lemos, an early 20th century Brazilian politician and pioneer who was responsible for the development of the city of Belém, from whence this postcard comes. It was the first city in Brazil with electric energy and became a major trading post with international connections, thanks mainly to Lemos’ vision and infrastructure (at one stage it was said that it was easier to travel from Belém to Liverpool than o Rio de Janeiro such were the connections between this city and Europe). The building pictured is the old municipal hall, named after him, and now an art gallery.

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