Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?


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A peaceful morning in Gili Timur island | Bawean     Bawean is a small island in the middle of Java Sea, Indonesia. The area is dominated by hills and extinct volcano which rises to 655m above sea level. Based on 2010 census, Bawean is inhabited by about 70,000 people with Baweanese and Maduranese ethnics as the majority.

Image and words by Maisya & Chendra

Received 11th June 2015, from Yunia in Indonesia, via Postcrossing

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I’ve been Postcrossing for 9 years but this is my first postcard from Indonesia! How peaceful does this look, makes me wonder why I lock myself away in this dingy flat in Vauxhall. Yunia writes about the Indonesian Mengajar programme, a non-profit organisation that recruits and trains young people as teachers across the islands. She has also included some gorgeous stamps, a special edition for Indonesia’s ‘Year of the Rabbit’.

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