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Do people still send postcards these days…?


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Last night I went to see Villagers live at the Barbican in London. Conor O’Brien and his band have been on my horizons for  a few years now and I first saw them live in February 2013. This was the final date of their UK tour before they step over to the rest of Europe over the next month or two. It was a sublime evening made more sublime by the free postcards scattered around the hall.

The tour supports Villagers’ latest album, Darling Arithmetic, a fine collection of mystical and soulful folk-pop. The postcards, designed by longtime collaborator Rory McGuigan, carry through elements of the album artwork, including the main cover image by David Hedderman. On the reverse, faintly distressed, the familiar calligraphic typeface continues and, as is the norm on modern advertising postcards, we’re given the Twitter, Facebook and website addresses, along with the album format information. It’s an economic and practical design rounded off with the retro split ‘Post-Card’ and ‘Place Stamp Here’ artistamp (a reminder or a notification to those younger members of the crowd just what this should be used for). The only negative aspect of the design is the glossy finish, a lamentable decision that makes the correspondence that less organic… fine if you have a Biro, not so much if you’re a fountain penner.

I’m already a fan, but any band that knocks out a postcard or two is always higher in my estimation.

3 comments on “Villagers

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  2. I love picking up ‘free’ Advertising Postcards – I recently got a set of four David Hockneys – produced as marketing for the film ‘Hockney’ – a great little bonus as I left the screening 🙂

  3. escapade1935
    May 18, 2015

    I agree. Some advertising postcards are so much more interesting than those for sale and often are harder to find as once hey’re gone they’re gone. The Hockney postcards were great little works of art in their own right.

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