Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

The New Yorker (Mar. 3, 1962)

scan0004 scan0005

The New Yorker (Mar. 3, 1962)

Cover by Arthur Getz / ©1962 Arthur Getz & The New Yorker

Postmarked Greenford/Windsor Mail Centre 19th February 2015, from Christopher and Alex

A brilliant surprise thank-you postcard from Christopher and Alex who went to see Treasure Island (at the National Theatre) and ‘really enjoyed it!’. I love postcards (obviously); I love thank-you postcards even more, and it’s heart-warming to see them still being written in this digital age. Thanks boys!

This is part of the 100 postcard set of covers of The New Yorker magazine and features a classic cover by the prolific Arthur Getz. An iconic and instantly recognisable symbol of NYC: the Empire State Building.


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