Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

Highbury Station

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Highbury Station     Old Cock Tavern Pub on the left     Early 1900s

Published by Cornflower for Islington Local History Centre

Received this from a pal who lives nearby and often sends interesting postcards my way. Jill writes that, “There is a vestige of the former grandeur still at Highbury station on the left right next to The Cock pub – a little bit of Corinthian pilaster!” Worth a look if you’re passing by. I’m a great nostalgic but even without rose-tinted spectacles you have to agree that this is a better looking station than the one that stands there now, especially with that awful Post Office stuck in front of it.

Postmarked Jubilee Mail Centre 4th December 2014, from Jill in Islington

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