Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

from Belarus

scan0036 scan0037

Photo: Андрей Шукйн

Postmarked 15th ctober 2014, from Volya in Belarus, via Postcrossing

[Notes] I rarely, if ever, post about the messages on the Postcrossing postcards I receive as I consider them personal and not to be shared more widely, however, with this postcard I feel obliged to at least mention the message. On my Postcrossing profile I ask that correspondents tell me a little about the world they are living in. I’ve been collecting postcards for many years and I am often more interested in their messages than their images. On this postcard the writer as been very honest about the position of Belarus in the continuing conflict between Ukraine and Russia and Volya has written very emotionally about being caught in the crossfire. One quote stands out… “The greatest fear of our nation is the fear of war. … Let there always be peaceful skies over your head.”

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