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Do people still send postcards these days…?


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Coffee made the EAT. way

Published by EAT.

Postmarked 5th August 2014, from Cassandra in London

Postcards have been used for advertising and marketing for over 100 years and, in fact, it’s marketing that’s almost single-handedly keeping the postcard alive in the 21st century. This is a brilliant PC. It’s informative, with details of different coffee types on the front, and it’s engaging too – everyone who receives one of these gets a free coffee. What really floats my boat about this postcard, though, is that it encourages folk to write and send postcards and that’s the best thing of all. My only dilemma is…. if I take this into EAT. for my free coffee are they going to take it off me? In the balance between being a collector and being a coffee-drinker I’d sacrifice the free coffee to keep the postcard in my collection!

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