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Do people still send postcards these days…?

Langholm and Thomas Telford

Also on my recent visit to the Scottish Borders (see previous post) I picked up a couple of very nice free ad postcards which are particularly worthy of mention here:

scan0023 scan0024

The first (above) is a lovely postcard advertising The Moorland Project, a joint scheme between The Langholm Initiative and The Buccleuch Estates Ltd. to protect the vast area of woodland near the town and into the nearby Newcastleton hills. This is an area designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Protection Area (SPA) due to the number and variety of flora and fauna to be found there.

The postcard is of a quality you’d expect from a commercial card and features four small photographs of (from left) the blaeberry (bilberry) bush, a black grouse, a bog asphodel and the hen harrier in her nest. The photographers are credited as Emma-Jane Ahart, Doug Malpus, Bobby Smith, Anne and Steve Westerberg, and the card was designed by John Hills.

scan0026 scan0025

The second postcard I picked up (again for free!) is this fantastic tribute to local boy Thomas Telford, one of Britain’s most reknowned architects and civil engineers. He was born in Eskdale and his earliest work took place as a stonemason’s apprentice in Langholm when he was a teenager. Much of his work can still be seen in the region, and this wonderful postcard features a selection of his bridge designs (faintly) on the reverse, with a profile and cross-section of each. The front image shows a glorious view of Meggat Water (Telford’s birthplace) in a photo graph by L. G. Luescher, with a portrait of a young Telford inserted. The design is by John Hills.

Both of these postcards are great mementoes of the trip, but, best of all they educate and inform too. I’m a member of the Postcrossing project and many, many members request not to be sent advertising postcards, but these prove that some of the most interesting postcards, with the most unusual views and images, are just such. If you’re heading Langholm way keep an eye out for them.

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