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Do people still send postcards these days…?

Under the Skin

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The cinema is fertile ground for digging up new and interesting postcards, and as I spend most of my life there that’s a good thing. Whilst the freecard and Boomerang racks are mostly clogged up with those postcard pretenders, the PC-sized flyer, I can still find a gem or two hidden. I’ve blogged repeatedly about the fantastic array of postcards produced by the BFI for their seasons and re-runs, but last week I picked up this beautiful set from Curzon Soho.

Under the Skin is the latest film from Jonathan Glazer and it’s a mindfuck. My opinion of the film is at odds with most of the reviews I’ve read, although it has tempered with time. I don’t mind that, in fact, a film that initially grates with me but manages to stay with me often gets me going back to watch again. I had no prior knowledge of the story, the base material or the filming technique (and I don’t think I should need to to enjoy a film). It’s certainly arresting. Part sci-fi and part real life, with a whole lot of magical imagery, it’s intense, moving, frightening and boggling.

This set of three postcards (the first is actually one of those previously mentioned double-siders) comes as a fold-away set. Each ethereal image perfectly represents the film, with two featuring Scarlett Johansson and one an image from one of the many dreamlike sequences in her ‘lair’. The back of each postcard features a press quote (different on each card) and the title of the film. At first I wasn’t sure if these really were postcards in the true sense (the sense I attribute, anyway), in that they can be used to send a message in the post. It seems a conscious decision on the part of the designers (who are not named) to float the text in such a way, and in so light a hue, that, indeed, these could be written on and posted without too much bother. So, some lucky Postcrossers will be getting these in their mailbox shortly.

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