Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?


One from the vaults… a retro freecard advertising postcard for Wayne Wang’s 1995 film Smoke. I can’t believe I’ve used ‘retro’ for something from the nineties, but it seems appropriate, especially given the terrible photoshop job they’ve done with Harvey Keitel’s head. Not only does it look like he isn’t in the same room as William Hurt, it looks like he isn’t in the same room as his own body.

Smoke was a cultish indie, part of the double-bill with Blue In The Face, which was improvised and created ad hoc during making of the first film. Both have screenplays credited to Paul Auster. Smoke follows a group of Brooklynites who frequent the local tobacco store (as seen here). The postcard speaks for itself, and on the reverse we have some credits, a reminder that the film won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, plus a nice ‘artistamp’ of Ashley Judd (pictured).

Whilst on the subject, I am misusing the word ‘artistamp’ because I don’t have an alternative. I need to find out the word, if there is one for the small image used on the reverse of (usually) promo postcards in the spot where the stamp goes… suggestions welcome.

Postmarked 11th December 2013, from Tom, Clare and Grace.

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