Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

I love the BFI’s marketing department. They produce some great promo postcards for each season and here are just three recent examples. Not only are these great for film postcard collectors, but they also cross-over into their respective genres too, and the attention to detail is always a delight, with a specially chosen image for the ‘artistamp’ too.

The first is for the Australia: Shifting Sands season from a few months back, showing Rowan McNamara and Marissa Gibson in Samson and Delilah (2009), with the reverse artistamp image from Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002). Whilst it is common to find film postcards showing well-known stars or film posters, this is particularly interesting as it’s probably unique in it’s choice of subjects.

The second postcard here is for the brilliant, exhaustive Gothic season, currently underway. It features the season’s main advertising image, that of Deborah Kerr as the governess in Jack Clayton’s The Innocents (1961). It’s a real treat for a horror fan like myself to see Max Schreck’s iconic silhouette from Nosferatu (1922) on the reverse.

Finally, a postcard that belongs in all film deltiologist’s collections: Vivien Leigh, who has appeared on many postcards over the years, and who is the subject of a great retrospective at BFI Southbank until 1st January. As well as some of her rarer performances the season also includes a new digital restoration of her most famous role, in Gone With The Wind (1939), which also features here.

All of these postcards are free and are well worth a visit to the South Bank to pick up and post, or keep!

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