Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

Yes, they do.

As a regular sender of postcards I am always on the lookout for new designs, new cards and things that my recipients might not have see before. The golden age of postcards is long since over, but there are still a surprising number of new cards being issued, albeit in limited numbers and hard to find.

Most large towns and cities still produce a selection of picture postcards showing the various sights of their region, and tourist attractions the length and breadth of the country still have a healthy supply of views for visitors to send home, or keep as a souvenir. In addition, the next most likely place to find PCs are in museums and art galleries, most of which carry a good selection of cards, usually reproducing works in their collections. These institutions are the most likely places to find newer and more unique or exclusive cards, particularly if there’s a run of cards in parallel with a specific exhibition.

This blog will also cover new cards produced for special events, advertising cards and other freebies – with only one criteria. It must be a postcard… meaning you have to be able to write a message on it and send it to someone. If you can’t do that it’s just a postcard-sized flyer!

I’ll also be sharing the postcards I receive from others, mostly via but also from friends and acquaintances, writing about other postcard related stuff and sharing some old postcards that I come across. You can also see my postcard collection from my home town, Carlisle on my other blog Greetings from Carlisle, with over 100 years’ worth of correspondence by postcard. Keep writing!

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