Adventures in Deltiology

Do people still send postcards these days…?

Forever House

Forever House is a new play by first-time playwright Glenn Waldron, set in his hometown of Plymouth and showing at the city’s Drum Theatre until 6th April.

This isn’t a theatre review blog so I’m not going to do that (although I would recommend it!). Instead my visit to see the play has inspired my first post proper on this new blog. It’s exactly why I decided to start this up as the postcards mentioned here really are new, and fleeting, and won’t be around for very much longer.

The theatre has produced a 10 page programme, which is available for free when attending the production. The programme includes four exclusive Plymouth postcards showing views of the city: a triathlete, a stag party leaving the railway station and, two dustbins (all by photographer Robin Maddock) and rows of semis (by Philip Lange).

The postcards come attached and unperforated and are backed with an ad for the show, but leave plenty of space to write home and let everyone know what you thought. It’s a nice idea and fits well with the plays themes where we belong and where we find home.

As these are free postcards it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to buy them online or from the theatre – but worth a try if you can’t get there in person to see the play. 

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